Rigid isolation of the unvaccinated is a possible scenario

The Greek government is ready for any scenario of the development of the epidemiological situation and response to them. Including – to the rigid isolation of unvaccinated citizens, if the already introduced security measures are not enough.

So far, the government is not considering isolation as a new measure. Just a week ago, a categorical guarantee that we will no longer go to isolation, gave the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in an interview with Mega TV:

“The fourth wave concerns the unvaccinated, this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Isolation was the answer prior to vaccination. I am adamant that we will not go into isolation. Three out of four Greeks are vaccinated. The problem today concerns the Greek minority. Now that we have vaccines, we will not shut down. At the time, isolation was needed. “

However, if recent measures fail, the possibility of “tough isolation” will be on the table, according to information from government officials. The purpose of the first, current stage, is to take into account the first results of the implementation of the measures taken last Saturday, to find out whether they are being implemented correctly.

No one can know for sure how further events will develop in the coming weeks, which are called critical. But, if the measures taken are not enough, it is quite possible that unvaccinated citizens will only be able to go to a pharmacy and a supermarket. The most extreme scenario is the inability to go even to the supermarket using electronic purchases.

However, these are the most extreme measures that the government can only take in the event of a complete collapse of the health care system.

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