Green light to attract private doctors in Northern Greece

The Greek government embarks on “Plan B” – recruiting private doctors to work in hospitals in Thessaly and Northern Greece.

Yesterday, it confirmed that experts’ predictions about 10,000 new cases of coronavirus daily may become reality in the very next few days. Number of infected for the last day yesterday it almost reached 9000 (8613) and, worst of all, 2139 child infections were registered. Against the backdrop of this situation, the Ministry of Health is introducing plan B to alleviate the burden of the pandemic at least a little.

The Greek health system has gone beyond its limits: for two years, day and night, medical personnel have tirelessly fought the coronavirus aggression. Hospitals are currently overcrowded. Yesterday, Tuesday, Chief Physician of the Clinic of Neurosurgery general hospitals in Volos Nikos Hafturas stated:

‚ÄúThere is one doctor for every 120 Covid-19 patients. People will die because of what is happening here. The situation is tragic. We are losing patients. Some patients should be immediately transferred to other hospitals. We also have an oxygen problem. The oxygen rooms were not designed for a large intensive care unit. All three days the oxygen generator was turned off and the alarm sounded. “

The situation in hospitals in central and northern Greece has deteriorated sharply over the past ten days, many of them on duty without even having beds in intensive care units. The situation is gradually becoming dramatic in the Greek capital Athens.

Given the complexity of the epidemiological situation, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis gave the green light to Health Minister Thanos Pleuris to hire private sector doctors to fill the shortage of doctors.

According to information Newsbeast, mobilization will begin tomorrow – first in Northern Greece, then in Thessaly and further in areas where the pressure in hospitals is simply suffocating. At the same time, many health workers are suspended from work due to the fact that they have not been vaccinated. In addition, in many hospitals, even if there are free beds, they will not be able to function normally, as there is a shortage of resuscitators.

Against the background of the growing number of cases, although the blocking is categorically ruled out by the Prime Minister, and Education Minister Niki Kerameos does not allow the closure of schools, it is quite possible that additional measures will be introduced in overly epidemiologically burdened areas. Among them are those that have shown effectiveness in the recent past: restricting night traffic, wearing a mask indoors and outdoors, changing the number of visitors in supermarkets.

The government is constantly looking for ways to increase the number of vaccinated citizens. Just yesterday, 45,000 vaccinations were given, and a platform for scheduling the 3rd dose will open soon. In this situation, only vaccinations can help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The European Medicines Agency last week began evaluation process antiviral drug from Covid-19 and is trying to speed it up. The UK on Thursday already approved its use and became the first country in the world where Merck tablets recommended for the treatment of coronavirus.

However, Ilias Mossialos, professor of health policy, has called for vaccinations as Pfizer’s coronavirus pills will be available in Greece. not earlier than summer… The professor expressed confidence that not all citizens who have not yet been vaccinated are categorically against it. More information is simply needed so that everyone understands the importance of vaccination in the current situation.

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