Black Friday: Greeks look forward to a day of big sales

More than half of Greek consumers (59%) are waiting for Black Friday to shop for Christmas at a better price because their pockets are empty.

The Holiday Shopping Trends 2021 poll, conducted by Sitecore from July 23 to August 4, 2021, covered 1,001 merchandise suppliers (shops) and consumers from Greece.

As a result, it turned out that among those who say they are going to shop, 41% of consumers said that they combine online and offline shopping, while younger ones prefer online shopping (45%).

However, 18% said they were not going to shop on Black Friday for reasons such as: the day has become synonymous with a culture of overconsumption, and that it seems outdated, which is actually not the case. On Black Friday sales day you can buy the goods you need at an incredibly low price. And this is what attracts a large number of consumers.

Sales market statistics

In terms of shopping categories, excluding travel (vouchers, tours) and games (54% and 37%, respectively), consumers say they will buy what they need online.

Most purchases relate to entertainment services (45%), clothing (41%), personal care products (43%), food and drinks (69%), which is planned to be done through physical presence in retail outlets and stores.

A large percentage of consumers (65%) said they prefer discounts and offers when shopping online, while almost half of consumers (45%) said they are looking for offers that are exclusively for loyalty program members (i.e. using discounts and bonuses).

On the other hand, older consumers pay more attention to discounted goods. Finally, a significant percentage of young people intend to shop via video calls (18%), with a particular focus on limited edition market products (26%) as well as services that can be used by the whole family (20%).

In addition to Greek consumption habits regarding Black Friday, Sitecore’s research also focuses on how consumers intend to spend the holidays this year.

The results show that more than half of Greeks (52%) plan to start their celebrations earlier than in other years and celebrate “on a grand scale” by visiting loved ones’ homes (23%) and taking day trips (20%), while 31 % of young people prioritize parties with friends.

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