Volos: details of the cynical murder of the godmother for 2,000 euros

All Greece is outraged by the brutal murder of a 75-year-old woman by her godson. The offender was arrested and today, after explanations from the investigator, he will appear before the court.

In his defense, the 39-year-old man, who pleaded guilty, says that he was “under the influence of drugs” and “he was not himself” at the time of the murder. Previously, he was in the field of view of the police in connection with drugs, theft and arson.

The perpetrator came to the Magnesian police station voluntarily shortly after 8:30 pm on Monday evening, accompanied by a lawyer. He spent the night there, talking about how he killed his godmother Eftalea Avramida Aleksuli. He claims that she constantly supported him financially, but refused to give 2,000 euros at his request. A wealthy widow lived with her adult son, who has problems with motor skills and psyche.

Her found wrapped in a blanket in the basement of an apartment building in Nea Ionia (Volos) on Kazanaki Avenue, where a 75-year-old woman lived on the ground floor. She went shopping on Thursday morning and never came back. On the body of the deceased, numerous injuries were found in the area of ​​the body, face and neck, caused by a sharp object. According to TheNewspaper.gr, the woman was hit at least 20 times and her face was covered with transparent adhesive tape.

The offender insists that he hit the woman with a sharp object, which, as always, was with him. But the police, based on the data obtained during the investigation, believe that this was a pre-planned crime. And after the murder was committed, the man returned to the victim’s apartment in search of money. He himself denies this, claiming that he was afraid to wake up the 46-year-old son of the godmother, who, due to the presence of mental retardation, takes drugs that cause drowsiness, says with reference to a source newsbreak.gr.

The investigation established that the killer’s last call to Yutalia’s mobile phone was made on Thursday morning. Then she was seen by neighbors when she went to the store. But no one saw the woman’s return. It is assumed that the godson hid while waiting for his victim and hit her immediately after she opened the door to the apartment. Then he carried her to the basement and stabbed her whiter than 25. He wrapped transparent duct tape around her head and a black garbage bag around her legs to hide the blood. The body of the murdered godmother was wrapped in a blanket and hid in the back of the basement.

The cynical killer washed off the blood with a mop, leaving it in the bucket. But he did not notice the bloodstains near the elevator and on the stairs leading to the basement. When the police launched an investigation into the disappearance of the elderly woman, they followed the trail and found the body. The offender’s mother stated:

“I don’t know if he is in debt, lately I haven’t had a relationship with him. He was not my son. He was not himself. This was not my child. “

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