“One doctor for 120 patients with Covid”: the head doctor describes the dramatic situation in the Volos hospital

“There is one doctor for every 120 Covid-19 patients. People will die because of what is happening here, ”said Nikos Hafturas, chief physician at the Neurosurgery Clinic of the Volos General Hospital, on Tuesday.

Describing the dramatic situation in a public hospital due to the increase in hospital admissions due to Covid-19, Hafturas said: “We are disappointed because there seems to be no hope. He complained that Volos hospital was going through the coronavirus pandemic without even having a pulmonologist:

“The situation is tragic. We are losing patients. Some patients should be immediately transferred to other hospitals. We also have an oxygen problem. The oxygen rooms were not designed for a large intensive care unit. All three days the oxygen generator was turned off and the alarm sounded. “

These are “the tragic consequences of a shortage of personnel.” One doctor cannot serve 80 patients. The situation is even worse now – one doctor for 120 patients infected with Covid-19, plus 8 patients in the intensive care unit. Patients cannot feel safe, ”said the head physician to the journalists of the TV company. ERT TV… He emphasized:

“The situation in the hospital is disastrous. It is essentially closed. We said we would set a limit for 70 coronavirus patients, and now we have gone to 120, plus 8 who are in intensive care. In this grim situation, we must not forget about other non-Covid patients who are getting worse. People are left to fend for themselves. It seems that the state is not doing anything wrong, but it looks at the situation indifferently. “

“We have a war. We are in this war without ammunition and soldiers, “said Dr. Hafturas, adding,” We are waiting for someone to die to place a patient in an intensive care unit. “

The situation in hospitals in central and northern Greece has deteriorated sharply over the past ten days, many of them on duty without even having beds in intensive care units. The situation is gradually becoming dramatic in the Greek capital Athens.

Where the government is indifferent and has not taken adequate measures for the public health system, the solution will be early sortingas Deputy Minister of Health Mina Gaga cynically stated. The doctors told MEGA TV that they are already doing this practice.

Evangelos Kaymakamis, a physician in the intensive care unit of Papanikolaou Hospital in Thessaloniki, warned that this wave of the pandemic is particularly aggressive and that 85% of Covid patients in intensive care units will die just a matter of time.

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