Dvorkin: Back to the vaccine debate

Professor of PSTGU Alexander Dvorkin, head of the center for religious studies in the name of svschm. Irenaeus of Lyons, turned to the so-called. anti-axers with an open letter in which he criticized the opponents of vaccination.

The main thesis of anti-axers (those of them who pretend to be sanity and do not tell scary tales about liquid chips and 5G towers) is that the vaccine was made hastily. All the necessary research and tests before its mass use were not carried out, and “we do not want to be guinea pigs.”

This argument could still be used in some way a year ago, when Sputnik was admitted to mass use, but this year, it seems, enough time has passed for it to be possible to talk about the validation of the vaccine, and not only in our country, but also in Argentina, Hungary, San Marino, etc. When we are referred to the reliability and validity of other vaccines, for example, those used in Soviet times, we recall that many of them are for smallpox, rabies, tuberculosis etc. did not undergo clinical trials at all (if we apply their modern standards), but they did their job.

Nevertheless, in any case, it seems to me that this argument is incorrect in principle. For the first time in a century, the world is facing a severe pandemic that has affected all countries. To date, 250 million people have been ill (only registered cases). 5 million people died (obviously, underestimated data, moreover, they do not take into account the incidental mortality from other diseases of those people who could not receive the necessary help). It was necessary to act immediately, including by trial and error. It doesn’t work in another way.
Vaccine development began urgently. It is clear that in an amicable way, it takes five years or even more. But the pandemic is already here and mows more and more lives. Hospitals are overcrowded, equipment, medicines, and often beds, are in short supply. Ambulances are working to the limit, so that many heart patients and stroke patients die without waiting for a doctor. Planned operations are postponed. All social funds are depleted, there is no money left for social projects, everything goes to the fight against covid. Doctors work for wear and tear, professionally burn out, because for years it is impossible to be in such stress, and the disease does not recede.

But there is a vaccine. Thanks to the scientific genius prof. Gunzburg and his colleagues. But we are told “shmurdyak”, “slurry”, I will not allow it to be poured into me. Perhaps, if the Gamaleya Institute had been 10 years old, it would have made the perfect work of art without any side effects, with 110% efficiency and even smelling delicious apricots. But this time was not!

Many reproaches can be addressed to field surgery: they cut it in a lively way, do not hold a consultation, do not inform the patient and his family about all possible risks, somewhere they do not fully comply with all antiseptic standards, etc. But it saves lives. If it weren’t for her, the number of deaths at the front would have gone through the roof. And so, of course, if this operation is done on a planned basis, and you prepare, and find the best specialist in the best hospital … But, alas, the circumstances are different, and all such criticism would be blasphemy and black ingratitude to selfless military surgeons who do everything to save the lives of those brought from the battlefield of warriors.

But our antivaxers consider this ingratitude to be the norm, and raise their stubborn selfishness to the rank of a struggle for freedom and for Christian truth. Academician Gunzburg is called by all kinds of words. Physicians fighting for their lives are honored as poisoners. But at the same time they appeal to Christian love. I don’t understand such people.

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