Vaccine proponent: “I would have imposed stricter measures”

The premiere of new measures, aimed, according to the authorities, at limiting the growth of the number of infected and convincing the unvaccinated of the need for vaccination, took place last Saturday, November 6.

Now, in order to visit non-food stores, hairdressers, banks, open restaurants and even churches, it is necessary to show negative results of a molecular or rapid test. Minors between 4 and 17 years old must show Self-test results.

While the majority of the population is outraged by the new measures because of their severity and restrictions, others require even more stringent measures.

In particular, the journalists of the Greek TV channel OPEN conducted a survey in which they studied the reaction of shop owners and citizens to the new restrictions. During the interrogation, they came across a man who demanded even stricter measures. He stressed that he insists on this as the number of cases is growing rapidly.

The man argued that measures were necessary, and that this should be done in order to convince everyone to get vaccinated. We will not be surprised that there will be those who will demand the execution of the unvaccinated.

The authorities, with their clumsy and inept actions, in fact, created another source of disunity of the country’s population. The battles between supporters and opponents of vaccination are still going on at the level of social networks, but there are already great fears that this war may move into the real world. And this measure will only worsen this situation.

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