Thessaloniki: increased traffic in banks, police checks in stores

For the residents of Thessaloniki, “another Monday has come,” since it was the first day since which new measures were introduced for the operation of trade, shops and various services.

According to, most citizens were informed about the new measures and had the necessary certificates with them (coronavirus test results or certificates).

In general, there were no particular problems either in shops or in banks. The police continued to exercise control in the center of Thessaloniki and elsewhere to ensure that businesses comply with the regulations and that citizens are willing to provide the necessary supporting documents.

Fortunately, the banks, which today worked for the first time with the new measures, did not have long queues, but traffic increased, and there were more visitors than in the previous week.

Most of the banks have employees who check the certificates when customers enter the branch, while in some the check is done before entering and at a fast pace. A similar picture prevails in government services and insurance funds.

Only a few large clothing store chains had small queues.

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