Rejoiced early: coronavirus pills will not be available until summer

Ilias Mossialos, a professor of health policy, has called for vaccinations as Pfizer’s coronavirus pills will not be available in Greece until summer.

The professor talked about the situation with the coronavirus on SKAI TV. He stressed that every fourth person in our country is not vaccinated, and 500,000 of them are citizens over the age of 50. And this is especially troubling for the experts.

The professor expressed confidence that not all citizens who have not yet been vaccinated are categorically against it. More information is simply needed so that everyone understands the importance of vaccination in the current situation.

Mr. Mossialos said that he has already answered the questions of thousands of people who want to know his opinion on vaccinations and coronavirus. He stressed that, of course, he cannot answer everyone, since he receives up to half a thousand messages every day. However, he tries to highlight the most pressing issues and answers about a hundred calls a day to convince people to make the right decision. The professor pays special attention to unvaccinated citizens over 50 years old:

“They need to be cut in half to avoid confirming the worst-case scenarios.”

An equally important condition in the fight against a pandemic is to continue with the third dose, especially in the same age group. He explained that no vaccine-related deaths have been reported with the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. Otherwise, all the international media would be talking about it. But from the coronavirus, he stressed, millions of people die in the world.

Regarding Pfizer tablets, Mr. Mosialos said:

“The Pfizer pills, which are likely to be delivered in large quantities after the summer, will be of great help. There is no doubt about that. But let’s take a quick look at vaccines. Vaccines reduce the chances of getting into an intensive care unit or getting a serious infection by 96–97%, not 50% like Merck pills. And as I said, there have been no reported side effects as originally reported for the other two types of vaccines that we are not currently using in our country. ”

He noted that the pills will not be available until the end of the winter season. In the coming weeks, about 2,000 monoclonal antibodies and several thousand Merc tablets will arrive in Greece, reducing the chance of death by 50%.

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