Social dividend: who exactly will receive

A few days ago, Finance Minister Christos Staikuras announced the authorities’ intention to provide a social dividend to the needy citizens of the country, as has been the case in recent years. Thus began the countdown to the final announcement of the ministerial decree.

The government is thinking about how to distribute state material assistance among various categories of citizens (vulnerable households) at Christmas. As usual, the distribution of the amounts will depend on a number of factors.

It should be noted that Kyriakos Mitsotakis performing in ΔΕΘ (Thessaloniki) has already announced that at the end of the year, all recipients of the guaranteed minimum income will receive twice the amount to which they would normally be entitled.

The dividend distribution scenario also includes low-income retirees and health care providers who did not receive any additional assistance other than Easter 2020.

Minimum guaranteed income: how it is calculated
The amount has a ceiling of 900 euros regardless of the composition of the family and will be paid in December.

The double EEE (formerly EKA) was received last year by nearly 273,000 vulnerable households, is tax-free and is calculated as follows:

200 euros for a single person. Plus € 100 for an adult family member. Plus 50 euros for each minor child.

That is, if someone is eligible for 200 euros, then in December he will receive 400 euros. If a household with 2 adult family members receiving 300 euros will receive 600 euros, and for each minor family member, an additional 50 euros is added.

Vulnerable households:

1. Family with one person

Any adult who lives alone in a dwelling and does not fall under the age of 25 attending university colleges or schools, vocational schools or educational institutions at home or abroad.

2. A household consisting of several people (all people living under one roof), that is:

Guest or host family, provided this was declared on the last tax return checked.
Persons under the age of 25 attending university colleges or schools, vocational schools or educational institutions, regardless of their place of residence.

3. Homeless

The beneficiaries of the program can be people living on the street or in inappropriate housing, provided that they are registered with the social services of the municipalities or community centers, or use hostels operating in the municipalities. The recognition of homelessness cannot be confirmed only by the form of the income tax return.

What Staikuras said about the social dividend

The minister left a “window open” in terms of calculating and distributing state aid to the poor, saying that everything “will depend on the dynamics of financial indicators” and the state of the budget, a report on which will be submitted to parliament a few weeks before Christmas.

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