Coronavirus: the position of those who do not want to get vaccinated changes dramatically after an illness

In Russia, the peak of the rampant coronavirus, but there are still a lot of people who do not want to get vaccinated. Why? There are several reasons, as well as opinions. However, according to doctors, after infection and being in the hospital, the majority change their position dramatically. Judge for yourself.

Russia is a country that has been hit too hard by the pandemic. This fall, the coronavirus attacked her with renewed vigor, forcing her to set anti-records for the number of infected and dead. For a long time, more than 1000 deaths from the consequences of COVID-19 have been registered in the country every day.

Russia does not depend on vaccine manufacturers, having its own vaccines, but only about a third of the population is vaccinated in the country, and skepticism of people, against the background of five million deaths around the world, is off the charts.

Last November, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the world’s first registered coronavirus vaccine created by domestic scientists. Citizens were offered to be vaccinated at vaccination centers and medical institutions – absolutely free. However, less than 50% of citizens have done so or plan to be vaccinated in the near future. The main reason is the lack of confidence in the drug.

For example, 52-year-old businessman Vyacheslav, who refused to give his last name, says:

“The authorities lie to us about everything in the world. Why should we trust them when it comes to vaccines? I’m not a guinea pig. “

The same opinion is shared by many of those who managed to get sick with coronavirus in a rather mild form. For example, Svetlana Zheltukhina, 54, a financial analyst:

“This is an experimental vaccine and there is not enough scientific evidence. I’m not a guinea pig. “

Aleksandra Arkhipova, an anthropologist, says that, like in other countries, there are enough deniers of any vaccines in Russia. But there are those who do not trust the COVID-19 vaccine, the scientists and the government who created it:

“They do not believe that anything good can be expected from the authorities, and they believe that they cannot do something in our laboratories, let alone vaccines.”

Some do not trust Russian drugs due to the fact that they are presented as the best (compared to Western ones). Pensioner Tamara Alekseeva admits that her skepticism arose precisely on this basis:

“They are trying to convince us that we have the best scientists in the world, as it was in the Soviet Union. But I won’t trust this so-called vaccine. “

And this is against the backdrop of the fact that the Sputnik V vaccine has already been administered to millions of people, and The Lancet has confirmed that it is safe and effective. Nevertheless, the skepticism of Russians is caused by the fact that the drug has not yet been approved by WHO and the European Medicines Agency. Many people think, “This is suspicious.”

And yet, for the time being, the authorities did not introduce lockdowns, following the example of many European countries, pinning their hopes on mass conscious vaccination. Although recently the situation has forced them to take appropriate measures by introducing a week off. Other measures are also being taken – mandatory vaccination for representatives of some professions, presentation of a certificate in public places, and so on.

But, as it turned out, these restrictions do not frighten everyone – the most enterprising have learned to bypass the law, and the market flourished in the country. fake certificates… At the same time, many, such as the owner of one of the firms, admit that he and most of his acquaintances prefer to pay 5500 rubles for a fake document in order to avoid vaccination.

A real struggle is going on between the authorities and ordinary citizens – hard, stubborn, long-term. The former desperately persuade to vaccinate, the latter firmly object. The data of the research organization “Levada” show that about 50-55% of citizens do not intend to get vaccinated, and this figure has been stable for many months.

The Russian healthcare system is going through difficult times. The number of patients hospitalized with coronavirus is increasing. However, doctors say that sick patients not only change their minds about vaccination, but also become its “best preachers.” Evgeny Ryabov, a doctor at the Sklifosovsky Institute, says:

“Those who survive become our allies. When they are discharged from the hospital, they ask all their relatives and friends to be vaccinated. “

And what about those who are firmly convinced of their righteousness, dying from the most severe form of covid and sometimes refusing even from intubation?

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