Tragedy in the USA: 8 people killed at a Texas music festival

At the music mass event Astroworld Festival in Texas, 8 people were killed, several hundred more were seriously injured.

The local Houston Chronicle, citing data from the police, reports that the exact official cause of the tragedy is still unknown, but more than 50,000 people came to the two-day festival, and at some point there was a stampede. The incident happened at 9:15 pm on Friday, during a performance by Travis Scott, a popular rapper and festival organizer, whose fans were trying to get closer to the stage, according to rescue services. After the first injured, panic arose.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the rapper who founded the festival stopped his 75-minute performance several times when he saw fans trapped in the crowd at the front of the stage. Scott asked security to make sure they were okay and help them get out of the crowd. Air force

Eleven people were taken to hospitals with cardiac arrest, eight of them died. More than three hundred victims received assistance in the treatment of their injuries: cuts and bruises. After the incident, the second day of the event was canceled. Lina Hidalgo, a local politician and Harris County District Judge, says:

“Our hearts are broken. People go to these events in search of a good time, an opportunity to relax, to retain memories – this is not the event you go to to learn about the victims. “

According to the fire chief, the concert was stopped when it became apparent that people were hurt. But the scale of the tragedy was only assessed later, after they were delivered to medical institutions. News agency ABC13 reports that even before the start of the event, spectators broke metal detectors in the security checkpoint to get to the concert.

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