Operation "broom": abandoned cars are removed from the streets of the capital

Efforts to remove abandoned vehicles from city streets are intensifying. The services of the Municipality of Athens are taking appropriate measures, freeing up vital public space in the center and the surrounding area of ​​the capital.

Implementing a well-organized plan, the “cleaners” removed 1607 motorcycles and 2255 vehicles from the streets of Athens within two years, that is, a total of 3862 vehicles.

On average, the brigades of the municipality of Athens remove about 160 cars a month, freeing up new parking spaces, which are of great importance, especially for residents of densely populated areas of the city.

Workers target vehicles that have been abandoned by their owners for a long time, causing the vehicles to become pockets of pollution that threaten public health and interfere with the normal functioning of the city. A rusty car not only spoils the aesthetics of the city, but also causes serious damage to the environment, as it is a source of environmental pollution.

Cars that are unsuitable and hazardous to public health are delivered to certified alternative centers, where all vehicle materials are recycled (utilized) by almost 98%.

Meanwhile, auditors and registrars of the municipality of Athens continue intensive checks in seven municipal districts, documenting abandoned cars on the streets and sidewalks.

As a reminder, citizens can contact 1595 by phone or online using the novoville platform to inform the Athens Municipality of abandoned motorcycles and cars in their area.

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