Vaccination certificates from … Bulgaria

Northern Greece has literally been inundated with fake vaccination certificates. The cost of the document is quite adequate – 300 euros. Is it easy to buy?

Vaccination certificates originally from Bulgaria seem to be quite legal at first glance. It is quite easy to get them when visiting the Bulgarian capital in order to get vaccinated. But no one is going to do it, but during a one-day trip you can get the much needed confirmation of vaccination today.

According to the Bulgarian side, family doctors are involved in vaccinations in the country. The lack of proper control made it possible to sell vaccination certificates without, in fact, the vaccination itself, including to the citizens of Greece – who will check there whether the drug for coronavirus was injected or not.

EPT TV channel described in detail how the fraudulent scheme operates. Not long ago, there was an incident in Karditsa, Palamas, when an administrative clerk was caught issuing fake vaccination certificates. He turned out to be an intermediary and told how the criminal chain works.

According to him, 300 euros and a short visit to Sofia are enough to obtain a European certificate. Anyone can use this opportunity if the fear of vaccination is stronger than the fear of criminal liability. A recent amendment by the Ministry of Health warns of serious penalties – financial and criminal – for illegal activities related to tests and vaccines.

Competent officials have already reported that all vaccinations given by Greek citizens in Romania or Bulgaria have been “under the microscope.” There are plenty of reasons for this, including testimonies from doctors who report the absence of vaccinations in patients who, nevertheless, have a vaccination certificate. Having become infected with the coronavirus, people honestly warn the doctor that they are not vaccinated.

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