December 7, 2023

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Suspended ceiling collapsed at school

20 pupils of the 6th grade of the 4th elementary school in Pileia (Thessaloniki) were miraculously saved. The suspended ceiling in the classroom collapsed right on the desks shortly before the end of class.

According to the local website, during the incident, the children were in the classroom as usual, but the teacher, noticing a strange crack in the ceiling, let the children leave the classroom 5 minutes early, as they were going on an excursion after the lesson. Moments later, the entire suspended ceiling collapsed onto the desks.

Insulation and construction work on the roof was reportedly carried out by craftsmen from a private company last summer.

Sources from the municipality of Pileye Chortiatis say that the mayor immediately ordered an examination of the responsibilities of the contractor who carried out the insulation work in the particular building.

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