Strict control over the implementation of new measures

Beginning Saturday, November 6, 8,000 police officers and 400 employees of the Department of Transparency and Development will tightly enforce government-imposed measures for unvaccinated citizens.

Inspections will be carried out throughout Greece. Particular attention is paid to identity cards to prevent the presentation of someone else’s vaccination certificate at the entrance to a store or restaurant.

Angelos Binis, president of the National Agency for Transparency, says it will prioritize checking stores previously seen in violation of coronavirus measures. He recalls that the fines from November 6 will double to 5,000 euros.

At the first stage of inspections, which starts on Saturday, shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants, bars and cafes will be monitored. The second stage involves checking utilities, banks, hairdressers. Police sources say:

“In the first 24 hours there will be no tolerance, there will be many fines (even twice as much) and 15-day locks.”

The verification process will be tough: strict selection of targets, efficiency of large control groups, overlapping entrances / exits. Sources in the police remind: open street areas with awnings and curtains around the perimeter of more than 1.3 meters in height become closed spaces, with all the ensuing requirements for the implementation of new measures.

Our publication reported that on Saturday in Greece come into effect new measures against the spread of coronavirus, announced by Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris:

unvaccinated public and private sector workers must take two tests weekly (at their own expense); access to banks, shops, hairdressing salons and bodies providing public services is possible only with a certificate of vaccination, a certificate of the coronavirus transferred within the last 6 months, or after presenting a negative express test or PCR test (PCR). Exceptions are grocery stores, churches, pharmacies; control will be strengthened in shops and catering establishments. Fines are increasing – for non-compliance with the measures, the owner will have to pay up to 5,000 euros, and the work of the store will be suspended for 15 days. It is planned to inform the public about the violators; fines will be applied at sports venues where measures to curb the spread of coronavirus are not followed.

Starting Saturday, only grocery stores, pharmacies, and a church can be visited without a negative test result or vaccination. For owners of cafes, restaurants, clubs, shops or bars, the fine for non-compliance with the established measures is doubled – up to 5,000 euros, and the institution is closed for 15 days. In addition, they will be included in a “black list” open for public inspection, which will be regularly updated to inform citizens about business owners who do not respect their health and do not comply with measures.

The Minister of Health emphasized that at this stage of the pandemic we have a significant advantage – this is a vaccine, since “vaccinated people are 30 times less at risk of serious illness and hospitalization than unvaccinated people.” He noted that more than 80% of those hospitalized in intensive care units are not vaccinated.

Thanos Pleuris noted that about 73% of adults in Greece are already vaccinated and assured that the government has no plans to implement restrictive measures like those applied in previous waves of the pandemic, including – excludes blocking

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