Foreigners detained in Egaleo accused of espionage

Two foreign nationals detained at the Egaleo artillery camp will face trial on espionage charges.

Young people entered the territory of the military camp on October 28 and filmed the equipment located there, taking photographs and videos. The head of the military facility called the police and escorted the young foreigners to the camp gates, where he handed them over to the police.

Yesterday, November 3, two foreigners were taken to court. Speaking about espionage against Greece, the judge demanded further investigation of the case and his retraining as a criminal one. The National Intelligence Service is currently directly involved in the investigation.

One of the two accused who appeared before the court said that they were simply lost, the camp was considered abandoned, and the photographs were taken on the go, without any intent. According to, at 19:15 on October 28, 18-year-old and 19-year-old foreigners entered the military facility and began filming the equipment located there. The camp commander noted in his testimony that he heard voices in the back of the building:

Immediately when I left, I saw two unknown persons. When asked who they are and what they want in the place where I found them, they replied that they were lost.

The captain handed them over to the police officers who had arrived, informed the command about the incident. Two photographs and a video with military equipment of the artillery camp were found in the mobile phones of the detainees. The detainees have Albanian passports.

The defendants’ lawyers Naku Teano and Mariolis Panayiotis declare the innocence of their clients, insisting on the version that an accidental walk led the young people to a place where there are no fences and military markings. Now they are facing a serious espionage charge, not supported by real facts. The lawyers draw attention to the cooperation of the detainees with the investigation, their positive behavior and expect the immediate release of young people who do not pose a threat to the integrity of the country.

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