The Ministry of Justice introduced a bill to toughen the punishment for serious crimes

The Greek Ministry of Justice, after public consultation, submitted a new bill to parliament on Tuesday to amend the criminal code.

The provisions of the bill were first presented on 24 September by the Minister of Justice, Konstantinos Tsiaras, and the Deputy Minister of Justice, Giorgos Kotsiras.

They provide for harsher penalties for serious crimes such as rape or sexual abuse of minors, for which life imprisonment becomes the only possible punishment. Arson, which led to a forest fire, as a result of which at least one person will die, is also punishable by life imprisonment.

Other crimes for which life imprisonment will be the only possible punishment include high treason, murder, gang rape, fatal rape, and fatal robbery. Current laws allow sentences of 15 years or more.

For serious non-fatal crimes, such as causing grievous bodily harm, disability or deformity, a penalty of 15 years in prison will be introduced. For particularly serious or serious crimes, the minimum conditions for obtaining the right to release are increased by one-fifth. This means that those sentenced to life imprisonment can apply for parole only after serving 18 years of their sentence.

The bill also introduces measures aimed at strengthening the protection of vulnerable social groups and the suppression of sex offenders, such as postponing the expiration date of the statute of limitations and methods of prosecution, in order to bring Greek legislation in line with European conventions on the protection of human rights, on the rights of victims, the state news agency AMNA.

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