Shock in Thessaloniki: an armed man rode on the bus

Passengers of the city public transport OASTH experienced real horror when suddenly … an armed man showed up in the bus.

According to information from, the incident occurred on Monday afternoon, November 1. The bus passengers noticed that there was a citizen in the cabin, hiding an air gun under his clothes. A police patrol was called to the scene and a 46-year-old man was arrested.

According to an eyewitness, who was inside the cabin next to the man, the bus stopped in a place where it rarely stops. Outside, police officers with a flashlight were waiting for the public vehicle.

Then the door of the bus opened, and four policemen entered the cabin, and outside there was a solid “reinforcement” from the law enforcement officers.

“I saw that he had a gun when we raised our hands. That is, when he raised his hands, his coat opened open and the weapon was visible. He must have been using alcohol or drugs, because he muttered something like: “I have nothing,” or “I have nothing to take,” something like that, ”said an eyewitness.

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