Sensation from the Ukrainian MP

The fact that the coronavirus is sprayed from planes flying over villages and infecting citizens was stated not by an ordinary citizen of Ukraine, but … by a deputy of the Odessa Regional Council.

In all seriousness, Trifon Antov, a representative of the For the Future party, voiced a deliberate fake. Rather, he announced it on Facebook. And he even cited evidence:

Sweden, Poland and Norway have filed a lawsuit against the World Health Organization for infecting European countries; Reuters reported that the pilots have already confessed: spraying chemicals in order to cause massive pneumonitis (SARS) among the population; the hazardous substance was transported in special tanks located in aircraft (photo attached).

But, as expected, the sensation turned out to be another fake. Neither the Reuters agency nor the above-mentioned countries have ever heard of the “airborne infection of Europe” and even more so have not filed any lawsuits. And the photos turned out to be quite understandable: such tanks do exist, but they are used as ballast during aircraft tests.

But “first-hand news” fits perfectly into the popular conspiracy theory about “chemtrails” – planes spraying toxic poisons in the air, allegedly used to massively infect the population. At the same time, there are enough supporters of this theory in Ukraine, and in Russia, and in Europe.

Under deputy message users were encouraged to be sarcastic. But something reminded me of it all … Deja vu …

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