Natural gas: who is exempt from the surcharge tax

By the decision of the Governor of the Independent Tax Office, Georgiosoa Pitsilis, the conditions for exemption from the special tax on the consumption of natural gas used for electricity generation are specified.

Due to the fact that the European starting price for natural gas is constantly rising and is above 70 euros per megawatt hour (MWh), the decision of the head of the AADE specifies who will benefit from the exemption from the additional tax (Ειδικό Φόρο Κατανάλωσης), as well as how their will be in control.

The regulation applies to individuals or legal entities that use natural gas to generate electricity, as well as the competent customs authorities that are responsible for controlling and monitoring the legal use of natural gas exempted from Φ for electricity generation.

The decision sets out the conditions for exemption from tax on natural gas used for electricity generation, regulates the obligations of beneficiaries, and also presents a list of required supporting documents that must be submitted in order to take advantage of the benefit.

In addition, the calculation of the amount of natural gas exempt from taxation is fixed in the event that there are general natural gas meters that are used both for the production of electricity and for other purposes.

It is noted that, among other things, the decision of Pitsilis provides for an annual regular audit in the amount of at least 35% in order to monitor all beneficiaries within three years. To carry out this control, data on the amount of gas consumed is taken into account.

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