Macedonia and Thrace: The number of unvaccinated in the ICU ranges from 91.7% to 94.6%.

The number of patients with coronavirus in the intensive care units (ICU) of hospitals in Macedonia and Thrace has reached 152, the number of unvaccinated patients ranging from 91.7% to 94.6%. This is the highest figure in the last two months.

According to current data from the 3rd Regional Department of Health of Macedonia (NHA), the number of Covid patients in intensive care units of hospitals under its jurisdiction has reached 92 (the highest number in the last two months), with the percentage of unvaccinated among them 94.6 %. It is noteworthy that yesterday there were 83 patients with coronavirus in the intensive care unit, 25/10 – 74, and 25/9 – 53. The number of patients in the wards for patients with coronavirus reached 445, with 76.5% of them unvaccinated. At the same time, 30 Covid patients are being treated in boxes with an oxygen mask, 93.3% of patients are not vaccinated. Yesterday, 450 patients were in coronavirus departments, 403 on October 25, and 305 on September 25.

According to the current data of the 4th NHA, the number of patients with Covid in intensive care units of hospitals under its jurisdiction has reached 60, with the percentage of unvaccinated among them being 91.7%. The largest number (63) was noted on 31/10. It should be noted that the 7 intensive care beds of Agios Pavlos hospital have been converted from today into a Covid intensive care unit so that patients in need can be treated. It is also reported that on November 2, 56 patients with coronavirus were in the ICU of hospitals of the 4th RAE, on October 25 – 57, and on September 25 – 60.

The number of patients admitted to coronavirus departments today is 362, of which 73% are unvaccinated, and 45 patients with Covid are being treated with a high oxygen mask, 88.9% are not vaccinated. Yesterday, 377 patients were in the wards of coronavirus departments, on October 25 – 340, and on September 25 – 220.

100% occupancy of coronavirus wards in many hospitals

In a difficult situation, hospitals in Northern Greece, where the occupancy rate of coronavirus wards reaches 100%. The Ministry of Health has already established partnerships with private clinics to treat patients with COVID and other illnesses. If the high incidence rate continues, it is possible that the practice of reducing the admission of patients with other diseases will continue in order to free up energy for patients with COVID-19.

With the amendment, the ministry encouraged private doctors to be hired by government agencies of the Greek Ministry of Health (surcharge for work 250 euros). “We are ready, if necessary, and if these incentives do not work, move on to other procedures that will involve the mandatory presence of doctors in the system,” Health Minister Thanos Pleuris said yesterday. He added that the suspension measure for unvaccinated health workers will last until the end of the year when it will be revised, adding that contracts will not be renewed for unvaccinated employees.

In addition to the NHA, 6,500 specialists

Recall that about 6,500 medical workers were suspended from work in the NHS for two months, due to the refusal of compulsory vaccination. Doctors describe the intense pressure that government hospitals are under. As reported yesterday, after another difficult vigil, AHEPA in Thessaloniki resembled a natural disaster: after receiving 160 cases with COVID symptoms, 35 confirmed cases and 20 suspected cases were hospitalized in 24 hours.

NHS staff have reached the limit of their physical endurance. Typical is the case of the director of the covid department of the Main Hospital, Larisa, who, standing in front of the television cameras to report the pandemic, felt very bad and left, supported by his colleagues. The examinations did not reveal any problems, the illness was explained by severe fatigue and many hours of continuous work.

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