Famous Greek sportswoman dies under the wheels of a truck

A famous Greek marathon runner died in a horrific road accident on Tuesday morning when her bike was hit by a truck at a crossroads in Thessaloniki.

Driving the bike was a 42-year-old marathon and triathlon athlete, Dimitra Iordanidou.

Witnesses told local media that the woman was cycling along Via Grigoriu Lambraki shortly after 8 am when a truck driving in front of her on the same road turned and drove onto another road. Seconds later, her bicycle was under the wheels of a truck, and the woman was severely injured.

The firefighters who arrived first were pulled out by the athlete from under the truck, and a few minutes later, a mobile team of doctors arrived at the scene in an ambulance. According to media reports, Dimitra Iordanidou sustained serious head injuries and was unable to be rescued by a medical team despite resuscitation. According to eyewitnesses, the cyclist was wearing a helmet, and the truck driver, most likely, did not see her when he turned right. One of them reported that the victim was unconscious when she was transferred to the ambulance.

Dimitra Jordanidou has twice won 3rd place in the Greek team at the Athens Marathon, she represented Greece at sporting events in Stockholm and Japan. She has trained in triathlon for the past few years.

With a university degree in economics and a graduate school in management, she rode the same route to work every morning.

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