Accidentally threw 100,000 euros into the trash heap

On Monday, a tragicomedy took place in Mirin on Lemnos. A businessman mistakenly threw 100 thousand euros into a street trash can.

According to, an alarm was raised on Monday morning at the cleaning service of the municipality of Lemnos, following a phone call from a frightened businessman who threw three bags of euros, thinking it was rubbish, into containers in front of the office.

The police immediately contacted the local authorities to find and warn the drivers of the garbage trucks. Some of the “search engines” followed the usual route, while others went straight to the junkyard. Reportedly, a few hours after a stubborn search, people who were overwhelmed at last finally established a “moving treasury.”

The driver of the garbage truck bound for the port of Agios Nikolaos has been notified. The “searchers” stopped the car and continued looking for bags of euros among the rubbish dumped in the open space.

Fortunately for the businessman, all the money was found safe and sound.

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