The pensioner owes 6,745 euros, and his debt was “reduced” by 78%

The Greek Union of Consumer Workers EEKE, of the ΓΣΕΕ trade union, entered into an agreement to settle the debts of the borrower out of court with 78% of the total loan amount written off.

According to the union, the elderly retired borrower applied to the EEKE (Ένωση Εργαζομένων Καταναλωτών Ελλάδας), because he could not fulfill the obligations to repay the loan in the total amount of 6,745 euros.

Loan receivables were managed by a banking company known as Fund, with which, following negotiations by the Greek Union of Consumer Workers, an agreement was reached to repay the amount of € 6,745 on the following favorable terms:

Write-off of expenses and interest on arrears: EUR 5,245. A one-time payment of € 1,500 to pay off the entire debt.

The Greek Union of Consumer Workers ΓΣΕΕ recalls that since 2010 it has been providing support and advice on out-of-court settlement of their debts to a credit institution.

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