Robbery in Menidi

An incredible incident took place in Menidi, as a result of which a woman who was robbed almost lost her life.

According to the police, the criminals followed the victim from the Kifissia area when she withdrew a large sum from an ATM, about 2,000 euros. The robbers followed the lady and set up an accident on Karamanlis Avenue in order to force her car to stop and steal money.

As soon as the woman got out of the car, one of the three criminals climbed in and grabbed the bag. But they didn’t know who they had contacted! The woman tried to stop the three criminals from escaping and jumped onto the hood of their car, clinging to it.

An employee of a neighboring company rushed out into the street to help the woman. “I saw that she was about to fall on the asphalt, as the car of the robbers continued to move. Instinctively, I ran across the path to stop the car. I shouted to them: “Stop! Stop!” But instead of slowing down, the driver pressed the accelerator. Fortunately, he did not hit me with a car, and the woman was saved by a miracle, ”the witness said.

According to eyewitness accounts, the woman nearly lost her life. The criminals immediately disappeared from the scene. The car was found abandoned at the foot of Mount Parnitha. The bandits set fire to the vehicle to hide their tracks. Their search continues.

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