14-year-old student in central Greece was bullied by racists

A 14-year-old schoolboy was the victim of an unprecedented racist attack at a high school in Istiaía in central Greece. The boy was pulled out of the classroom by a group of high school students who hid their faces under masks and hoods.

According to the mother’s complaint to the newspaper avgi, on Tuesday morning, a group of 5-6 teenagers entered the middle school premises, started knocking on the windows of the victim’s classroom and shouting racist insults. The teacher demanded that they leave, but the young people ignored the teacher, provocatively staying for a while, and only then left the building.

However, during the next lesson, the group returned with 6-7 more young men studying at the nearby vocational school EPAL. Wearing hoods and masks, they rushed into the classroom, grabbed the victim, pushing him hard, and forced him down the stairs, dragging him by the arms and legs into the courtyard at the other end of the school. Frightened classmates followed them, observing the development of events from afar.

At this time, the teacher was absent from the class. When she saw what was happening, she ran to save the child. But realizing that she could not resist the attackers, together with the director, she called the police, who arrived just at the time when the racists were pushing the victim out of the school. Seeing the police, half of the attackers fled, while others continued to mock the child in the yard.

Police officers wrote down the names of the attackers and took their details, but did not detain them. Instead, they put the victim in a patrol car and took him to his mother’s primary school. To a complaint from the mother, an elementary school teacher, the police replied that they had done so to protect the victim.

After receiving complaints, the local police department ordered an investigation into the racist motives behind the brutal incident. According to the newspaper avgi, who published this story, the victim is a child from an incomplete family – the mother is Greek and the father is Cuban. His mother works as a teacher at the school, and the child has previously had no problems with classmates, teachers, or the local community. However, two weeks ago, a 14-year-old teenager became the target of harsh racist insults and threats on social media.

According to the students, some of the people who led the invasion of the school and the bullying of the student started the aggression on the Internet: without knowing him, they attacked with racist statements: “We will fuck you, Arab”, “We will turn you from black to white with the help of clubs “,” Monkey “,” Atentokumbo “and others.

Based on testimonies from other students and parents who were informed by their children about racist bullying on social media, the EPAL student attackers threatened to physically and sexually abuse the child.

The invasion by a group of fifteen and a racist attack on a young student has raised great concern among parents for the safety of their children, as far-rightists can enter school grounds without interference, harassing and intimidating anyone they deem their target.

According to the mother’s testimony at AVGI, the next day she contacted the headmaster of the school to complain about the incident and to express concerns about the safety of children attending high school. “We came to the province to avoid such incidents and we see them right in front of us,” she characteristically told AVGI.

It is worth noting that in recent weeks, the ultra-right has tried to enlist the support of young people and infiltrated vocational schools in northern Greece, where they initiated acts of violence against young supporters of left-wing parties.

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