Greek climber who will conquer the height of 4892 meters

Vanessa Archontidou, ambassador for the EU Climate Pact, will try to climb the highest peak in Antarctica. The mission of the climber is to carry the message to act immediately to protect the environment.

Mount Vincennes is one of the seven highest peaks in the world and the Seven Peaks trek begins in early December. The Greek delegation enjoys the support of the European Commission.

“As a climber, I want my mission to mean something to the world. Let me do my part in this global effort. Information and communication are very important to me. The hike begins in a month. Previous missions were “more personal”. Now I feel “the weight of the hopes placed on me”, I have to cope with it, because I carry this important message, “- said Vanessa Archontida.

Climate change will be discussed in detail at the UN conference in Glasgow, which starts tomorrow, Sunday 31 October. Two hundred thousand representatives from 195 states will try to find solutions and eliminate differences between the countries.

Greek mountaineer wants to send a message about environmental protection. “The European Climate Pact is currently a relatively new, but very ambitious and promising project of the European Commission, aimed at creating a movement of citizens who will take personal action in connection with the climate crisis, for stability on the planet for all mankind. As part of the campaign, we are looking for citizens from all over the world to become ambassadors for the climate mission. EU Climate Pact Ambassadors inform, inspire, organize and support action to tackle climate change in countries, cities and even areas. We support the mission in Antarctica, because it literally takes us to a continent that regulates the climate of the entire planet, fixes the scale of the problem facing humanity and inspires us to take decisive action, ”said APE-MPE Constantinos Maheiras, National Coordinator in Greece for the European the climate pact.

Vanessa Archontidou, a mother of two, has conquered six of the seven highest peaks in the world and is a member of the first Greek women’s team to climb Mount Everest in May 2019. “I was in the most inaccessible parts of the planet, on which, one might say,“ no man’s foot has stepped ”. However, even there the “human footprint” in nature was everywhere. I saw with my own eyes that he had already begun to cause irreparable damage. Glaciers are rapidly melting, weather conditions are now unpredictable, and pollution as a result of human activity has reached even the most remote, pristine corners of the planet, ”says V. Archontidu.

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