Death for your own money

Alexander Gintsburg, head of the N.N. Gamalei, shocked with the data given: in Russia, 80% of those vaccinated who later fell ill with Covid-19, as it turned out, bought a vaccination certificate: “They die for their money.”

The scientist is quoted by

“If those vaccinated with the alleged“ Sputnik V ”become seriously ill, as the data show, these are people who, unfortunately, used the certificates they bought – fake certificates. Among them, 80% are those who bought. “

The head of the SIC claims that it is very easy to check the fact of vaccination using a special analysis for drug markers. As it turned out, in 80% of diseased patients, these markers are absent. The scientist notes with bitterness that people who have bought a certificate of vaccination are “deceiving themselves”:

“People spend money, and then they get sick and die for their own money. They are deceiving themselves. They seem to have a psychological change in their ideas. “

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