Cavusoglu calls Dendias “capricious child”

In an interview with CNN Türk, Mevlut Cavusoglu called Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias “a capricious child.” Speaking about the complaints of Dendias against Turkey at all international platforms, Cavusoglu said that “All this is happening because of an inferiority complex.”

Turkish Foreign Minister touched upon the Greek-Turkish conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean:

We are for international law. We are for a fair exchange. When they try to take our rights away, we do the right thing on the battlefield and at the table. On the right path, we will go to the end to defend our rights … We know that he (Dendias) calls the foreign ministers twice a day and complains about Turkey. The Greek Foreign Minister is still crying like a child. When we show that we are defending our rights because we have stopped playing against us in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Greek Foreign Minister feels the need to whine at least five times a day and constantly complain about Turkey … Who blames Turkey? Greece, which does not contribute as much to NATO as it should, is doing it. What does NATO give? Turkey is one of the top five in terms of participation in NATO missions and activities and is in the top eight in terms of contributions to its budget. Doesn’t Greece have good relations with non-NATO countries? France initiated a search for NATO. Especially in the EU, she made an attempt to create a separate force …

The aggravation of the confrontation between Greece and Turkey resumed after large reserves of hydrocarbons were discovered in the eastern Mediterranean. In Turkey, an ambitious plan called “Blue Homeland” was adopted in this regard.

Greece and Cyprus, did not agree with the Turkish vision of this plan and declared their claims to the above-mentioned territory.

In 2019 and 2020, a “cold war” broke out between the countries, several times, almost turning into a military conflict over sea borders and the right to drill in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Ankara rejected the claims of Greece and Cyprus to the maritime border, as in its opinion this violates the rights of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In addition, Athens and Ankara have conflicts over jurisdiction in the Eastern Mediterranean, the status of the islands in the Aegean Sea, airspace, energy and the status of Cyprus.

Cyprus, like Greece, is a full member of the EU, part of which is occupied by Turkish troops. In the occupied territory there is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, whose independence was recognized only by Turkey.

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