What benefits can you get from ATM today?

The GUARDIANS earlier pays the minimum guaranteed income, rental allowance, childbirth allowance and 11 other allowances. From today, the money will appear on the accounts of the beneficiaries.

State aid will be disbursed to 813,074 recipients earlier this month in connection with the national anniversary of October 28th. As you know, OPECA benefits are paid on the last working day of the month. In this case, the last working day is Friday, October 29th. However, given that the holiday (October 28) falls on Thursday, beneficiaries will begin to receive the first money from their accounts from today, Wednesday, October 27, from the afternoon.

The following benefits are paid:

Rent: Beneficiaries 281,494, Maternity Benefit: 12,000 recipients, Minimum Guaranteed Income: Recipients 275,754, Disabled: Beneficiaries 171,248, Housing Assistance: 900 recipients, Foreigners Benefit: 6682 recipients, Payments to Uninsured Retirees, Law 1296 / 1982: beneficiaries 19,993, Social Solidarity Allowance for the Elderly: 15,155 beneficiaries, Maternity Benefit, € 20 million for 100,000 beneficiaries as government contribution under the ΓΕΦΥΡΑ program (due to COVID-19), € 228,822 for 6,496 expatriate refugee benefit recipients, € 200,000 for 300 benefit recipients (επίδομα αναδοχής), € 170,000 for 2,800 recipients as government contribution to the repayment of mortgages (protection of the primary residence).

The fifth installment of the A21 child allowance will be paid on November 30th. Beneficiaries of this benefit who have not yet applied for 2021 can apply on the IDIKA platform idika.gr or through the opeka.gr website using their personal TAXISnet passwords.

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