Perama: Seven Police Shooting Gypsies Released

Seven police officers involved in a bloody chase in Perama that killed a 20-year-old Roma were released without any restrictive conditions.

The decision was taken after their lengthy explanations to the investigator in Piraeus and with the consent of the prosecutor.

Both Roma minors (one injured) who were driving in a stolen car during the bloody chase in Perama were also released without any restrictions.

According to the available information, the police denied serious charges against them, stating that they did not lie and that they did not intend to open fire on the passengers of the car.

How previously reported by our publication, late Friday night DIAS staff chased carwho was suspected of hijacking. He did not stop at a signal from the police, causing the police to chase from Egaleo to Perama. There, the stolen car was blocked by a bus and the driver tried to turn around. Leaving the pursuit, the car with the suspects rammed five police motorcycles and tried to escape. At the same time, 7 law enforcement officers were wounded.

The furious police officers used weapons (35 bullets were fired). As a result, the driver was killed, one passenger was injured, and another managed to escape. As it turned out, the car had indeed been stolen. As it became known later, there were three Gypsies in it: a 20-year-old driver and two 16-year-old teenagers.

The relatives of the injured and the deceased, as well as local media, accused the police of deception and premeditated murder. On Wednesday, October 27, all seven law enforcement officers appeared before the investigator of the Attica Police Headquarters, where they are now being held, for an explanation on several points: on charges of premeditated murder, attempted murder with intent, the use of weapons.

The Greek media accused the detained policemen of unprofessionalism, noting that they shot 38 times, although three young men, two of whom were minors, were unarmed. As follows from the records of their talks with the leadership, which were published, none of the police officers were injured, which refutes the official statement of the police. Earlier, according to ELAS, it became known that 7 police officers were injured as a result of the incident. However, from their radio dialogues, it is not audible that such a thing happened.

Who is right and who is guilty, it is not yet completely clear, one thing is clear, the security forces decided not to give offense to their own and the charges were dropped from the police. In this case, only one thing is embarrassing, 2 gypsies who were driving in a stolen car were released home without charge.

“Russian Athens” will monitor the situation and inform you of the details of this case.

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