Gazprom is ready to reduce gas prices for European countries

The high cost of natural gas not only shocks the consumer, it is not profitable for the supplier either.

Against the backdrop of rising prices, Gazprom fears a significant drop in demand, so it intends to offer Europe an adequate cost of supplies, writes Bloomberg, citing sources.

One of them told the agency that the Russian company would be fine with a price of about $ 300-400 per thousand cubic meters. Even with the transition of Europe to alternative, more environmentally friendly energy sources, Gazprom in this case will retain control over the market. Another interlocutor slightly expanded this range, calling the cost at $ 200-400.

Now the cost of natural gas in European countries does not fall below a thousand dollars, and this worries Gazprom. Indeed, last year, about a third of the gas consumed by the Europeans was supplied from the Russian Federation, and an irrepressible jump in prices could bring down the demand for supplies.

This week Gazprom cut gas supplies via the Yamal-Europe pipeline through Belarus to 8 million cubic meters a day (31 booked). The Russian company explains the decrease in volumes by the fact that it fulfills consumer requests.

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