Expert for revising measures for vaccinated and encourages wearing a mask

EKPA epidemiology professor Athena Linou spoke in favor of revising measures to relax the vaccinated, as well as resuming the use of the mask outdoors.

When asked whether the freedoms of those who are vaccinated should be reconsidered (in terms of indoor regulations), Ms. Linow replied: “Of course, they should be revised, because a new virus that is even more contagious will soon appear.” The expert explained that she meant the Delta + mutation, which has now come to Greece.

“There is no evidence that the virus is not transmitted in a room where only vaccinated people are. It is also transmitted there. The great advantage of getting vaccinated is that there is little risk of getting sick. And even if they get sick (vaccinated), they will suffer the disease in a mild form, perhaps without even realizing that they have been ill. In addition, the majority will not be intubated and will not die, ”the professor added.

The specialist stressed that if the same people have a vulnerable family member or a small child in their home, they will transmit the virus to them, and the risk for them will be much higher. “I don’t think it is reasonable to neglect measures, and therefore the issue of“ freedoms ”will be revised,” she said.

When asked whether a measure such as wearing a mask on the street should be resumed, Ms. Linyu replied, “It needs to be done.” Even with regard to the use of vaccinated masks in the premises, the CDC directive is whether the premises comply with the sanitary protocol (spacing, spreading of tables, ventilation).

Finally, Ms. Athena Lina was invited to comment on images of believers taking off their masks to kiss the faces of saints (icons) in churches. “Whether the coronavirus will be transmitted to us depends not so much on the specific moment, but on the number of people with whom we are in contact, and the duration of this contact,” the professor replied.

“With instant contact with the virus, at the moment when we kiss the image, the risk is minimal, although there is. Remember that the virus is transmitted by breathing. Thus, the danger lies in the fact that we breathe in society without a mask, it also depends on how reliable the mask is, and the concentration of the virus is high in the air. This happens in rooms that are not ventilated by natural ventilation, and in which there were many people for a long time, ”the expert continued.

“It is much more important to understand that we must keep our distance and wear masks all the time. It would be ideal to wear it all the time, and even more so indoors, ”concluded the professor.

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