Electronic tolls: when the system goes live

This is one of the most significant changes that will take place in the Greek transport sector in the coming years, as, in addition to making it easier to use all the main roads in the country, drivers will be charged proportional tolls in a fairer and more affordable way.

The procedure for the electronicization and integration of the highway toll system into a single one is proceeding smoothly and according to the planned schedule. The new system will operate in a dual mode: a device will be installed in commercial vehicles that will allow them to track and record their position and course using satellites. At the same time, private cars will be monitored by cameras and automatically recognized by their license plates. when entering and exiting the road network

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, if it is impossible to identify the license plate of the car, the system will automatically contact the traffic service for this. With the introduction of the new system, drivers will pay with a special card or application on their mobile phones when leaving the highway.

Two control centers will be established for the new system, in Athens and Thessaloniki, and control and monitoring gates will be installed at motorway entrances and exits, ports and airports. According to the project, the existing frontal toll collection points (diodes) will be transformed into freight and transport control stations.

The widespread introduction of a unified electronic toll collection system is planned from the second half of 2023.

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