The Unbearable Burden of Taxes: What to Pay This Week

Millions of taxpayers, residents of Greece, by the end of this week will have to pay an “overwhelming burden” of obligations to the state: ENFIA contributions, income tax and others.

Until October 29, citizens will need to pay the first two installments of ENFIA, the fourth installment of income tax, as well as a triple amount of the tax contribution (επανένταξη), divided into 100-120 parts.

In particular, by Friday you must pay:

Two payments to ENFIA: more than 6.2 million property owners must pay a double contribution to ENFIA in September and October, which amounts to 800 million euros. Three installments of debt payment, spread over 100 and 120 payments. Debtors affected by the pandemic and having lost their old agreements to pay 100 or 120 contributions between March 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021 can re-join the agreements. In this case, you must submit an application on the mybusinessSupport platform and pay the August fee along with the September and October fees. For debtors, this is the last chance to return to the old system of installment payments of debt, divided into 100 and 120 payments. The fourth installment of income tax. Taxpayers will have to pay the fourth installment of income tax in the amount of about 270 million euros, and businesses – 400 million euros. …

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