Phanar disgraced: the Greeks comment on the merger of Filaret with the Old Calendarists

Greek Internet users reacted violently to the message about the entry of the structure of the Old Style schism from Greece into the UOC-KP.

Hypocrisy, charlatanism, schism – such comments are left by the Greeks under newsthat Filaret Denisenko accepted into the UOC-KP the schismatic structure of Old Calendarists from Greece, headed by the “Metropolitan” Avxentius Marines.

Internet users are interested in what the representatives of the Greek Churches who commemorate the head of the OCU Epiphanius Dumenko will say after that.

“They turned the Church into a thousand pieces,” one commentator said.

People call what happened “hypocrisy”, “complete mess”, “charlatanism” and “shame”, noting that it is impossible to bring peace to the Church in this way.

“Bartholomew, you did well …” – write the Greeks.

As we previously reported, October 23, 2021 at the “Sobor” of the UOC-KP decided to accept the structure of the Old Calendarist schism from Greece led by “Metropolitan” Auxentius Marines. After the merger, the Greek “hierarch” received the title of Chersonesos and Aeginsky, and the UOC-KP grew by 70 “priests”, 50 “monks” and 10 monasteries.

Recall that Epiphany Dumenko calls Filaret a member of the OCU, he himself Filaret considers himself “the patriarch of all Rus-Ukraine”


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