Mental disorders are observed in 25% of patients with coronavirus

Every fourth person who has had COVID has a cognitive deficit even after 7 months, according to American scientists.

As tells NBC News, citing researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine, mental disorders after coronavirus are manifested by a decrease in memory, the speed of perception and processing of information, multitasking (the ability to perform several tasks or processes at the same time). More than a quarter of those who have had COVID suffer from such symptoms, while in many they persist even seven months after the illness.

Researchers tested 740 patients treated since the early days of the Mount Sinai pandemic in New York. Jacqueline Becker, study author, says:

“We are seeing long-term cognitive impairment in different age groups.”

The most common cognitive deficit is the problem of retaining new memories. Others include insufficient processing speed and performance-related functions: the ability to plan, initiate, organize, make judgments.

Difficulties arise not only among the elderly, but also among young people. The mild form of the disease does not guarantee the absence of memory problems, so Becker advises screening for mental disorders after infection with COVID as a standard of treatment, regardless of the patient’s age.

Dr. Helen Lavretsky, professor of psychiatry and director of the University of California Los Angeles Clinic, notes that at times, patients with coronavirus are unable to take care of themselves after being discharged from the clinic:

“They can’t function, they can’t think, their memory is impaired, they get confused. When they go somewhere, they say they don’t know how they got there.”

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