Expert: Second dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine may be required

Athanasios Exadaktylos, president of the Panhellenic Medical Association, asked for a change in the approach to vaccination against coronavirus: “Let’s focus on the unvaccinated,” the expert said.

According to him: “We can no longer wait for these people to come and get vaccinated. Therefore, we must go to them.” The specialist suggested, for example, that hospital social workers inform the relatives of those receiving treatment about the benefits of vaccination, since many in these families may be unvaccinated. “They should receive special information. And then there will be people who will understand that they need to be vaccinated, ”stressed the President of the All-Greek Medical Association.

Mr. Exadaktylos stated that the vaccination process should be simplified through mobile units as well as vaccinations in private clinics so that there is not a long time lag between vaccinations. Regarding the performance indicators of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, he mentioned that the protective effect of this drug may be shorter, and therefore a second, additional dose may be required. The expert explained that this is a good vaccine and that all drugs are good “if we are all vaccinated.”

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