Eurostat: Greece plunges into poverty

Eurostat data for 2020 was released today and the results for Greece are heartbreaking as they show that our country is “heading for the abyss.”

According to Eurostat, our country ranks third in the EU with 27.5% of the population at risk of poverty. At the same time, the average figure for the European Union is 21.9%.

To understand the situation, we are immediately behind Romania and Bulgaria, while Spain is only a fraction of a percent behind us – with 27%.

On the verge of poverty or social exclusion there are 31.5% of young people (i.e. persons under 18), and another 19.3% of people over 65 are at risk of poverty.

Further, the figures show that 29.7% of families with children in Greece face the risk of poverty or social exclusion, and another 25.7% of families without children.

In our country, 28.8% of women and 26.1% of men are at risk of “barely making ends meet.”

The level of unemployed on the verge of poverty in Greece is 67.5%, and those with a job – 16.1%.

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