Economy Secrets – How to Get along with Soaring Prices

Energy resources have risen in price sharply and seriously. Gas and electricity prices are breaking records, and you need to somehow survive. Experts give sensible recommendations that will help to significantly reduce the frightening indicators in payments.

No one can say with certainty when this price race will stop, and when they will begin to decline or even stabilize. V new accountsthat will soon be received by the residents of Greece, they will see how much the price of electricity has risen. Already in October, it jumped to 200 euros per megawatt-hour, which is almost 50% more than in September. The new tariffs will rise by 200%. Gas prices are not lagging behind either.

And in this situation, “the rescue of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves.” Experts advise using the night light rate, choosing the most favorable rates from Internet and telephony providers, and remembering to turn off unnecessary light bulbs. But these are all general recommendations. Now, more specifically.

Eleven of the savings advice from international experts comes from British consumer advocate Martin Lewis. It was he who previously warned that soon the population of different countries will face a “catastrophic” choice between heating and food, as prices continue to rise. Here is a complete list of Lewis’ recommendations for those looking to reduce the amount due in their bills. True, he indicates the savings in pounds, but for your convenience, we have presented it in euros:

1. Reducing room temperature by just 1 degree saves £ 80 (€ 94.5) per year. This applies to those who have a timer installed and who can turn the knob to set the temperature 1 degree less than usual. By the way, it is better to use radiators only in those rooms where you are, and you should get rid of any obstacles in the form of furniture right now in order to ensure the circulation of warm air. It is worth taking care of drafts – by insulating the lower part of the doors, you can keep the heat longer.

2. Disconnecting just one unnecessary plug from the outlet saves 99 pounds (117 euros) per year. And if there are several? It is not at all superfluous to double-check what really needs to be left on and what can be turned off. In addition, sleep will become calmer and deeper, the fewer unused devices are connected to the network.

3. Natural light is much more comfortable than from numerous chandeliers and table lamps. Surprisingly, often the bulbs remain on even at noon, when there is no benefit to them. Take care of replacing conventional bulbs with LED ones. It will lead to savings of 152 pounds (almost 180 euros!) Per year.

4. The notorious standby mode, in which many leave electronic devices, also provides an opportunity to save money if you give up this habit – 30 pounds (35 euros) per year. Of course, this does not apply to the freezer or refrigerator, but for sure there are devices that can be turned off without any damage and start saving.

5. Do not turn on the kettle walking, just passing by and after a minute forgetting about it. The useless heating three times a day increases your electricity bill by £ 27 (€ 32) per year.

6. Choosing the cheapest internet provider can save you up to 69 pounds (82 euros) in 12 months. The savings are well worth taking a close look at existing accounts and contracts.

7. Turning off your laptop overnight saves you a small amount of money – only 7 pounds (8 euros) per year. But if you take a longer period, then the amount, respectively, will be much larger. So experts recommend turning it off at night.

8. Experts have long said that a hair dryer does not have a very good effect on the condition of the hair. If you dry them naturally, you can also save £ 13 (€ 15), which is spent on the lowest-powered hair dryer per year.

9. Children’s consoles often remain on due to the player’s forgetfulness. Making it a rule to check and turn them off will save £ 11 (€ 13). You can even economically reward children if during the week, for example, they have never forgotten to turn off the game console, developing useful skills.

10. The washing machine consumes a lot of electricity, but you can save even here. Did you know that by choosing a temperature regime of 30 degrees, you “turn on the economy”? At forty degrees, electricity consumption will be 40% more. Will not be removed, do you think? Add a cup of white vinegar, a natural antibacterial agent, to the tray for as good as 40 degrees. It is worth thinking about the frequency of using the washing machine – doing it once a week, and not every day, is much more economical. All these measures together save 97 pounds (114 euros) per year.

11) The tumble dryer is another source of excessive energy consumption. If you dry your clothes and clothes outside, taking advantage of the good weather and the breeze, you can save 142 pounds or 167 (!) Euros per year.

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