The upcoming winter in Greece – is it worth waiting for severe cold weather

Forecasts of meteorologists for the coming months promise Greece a lot of precipitation in winter and the influence of the polar vortex.

The coming winter, according to experts, will be rich in precipitation. Traditionally, in most of the country, they pass in the form of rains, but this year things may be different. Forecasters warn – the polar vortex, which usually causes extreme weather in the United States and Canada, could significantly affect the weather in Europe this year – to provide low temperatures and heavy snowfalls.

The polar vortex is a low-pressure cone above the poles and occurs in the atmosphere 10-45 km above the earth. Its driving force is the difference in the heating of the earth’s surface at the poles and in temperate latitudes. Experts warned that he could bring cold and snowy winters with him to Greece.

In some countries, autumn has already “delighted” with significant precipitation, and in Greece as well. October bad weather closed schools and ferry crossings in the country, interfered with the flight schedule – two flights from Athens to Corfu were forced to return to the capital, one flight from Naples changed direction and landed in Athens, and a flight from Warsaw landed in Preveza, in western Greece. The National Meteorological Service’s “Emergency Hazardous Weather Bulletin” has become a guide to action.

But, according to Tyler Royce, CEO of Accuweather, heavy rainfall may remain for the whole winter – frequent thunderstorms and heavy rains are expected in Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal.

But the polar vortex can turn this dampness into soft and fluffy snow. If the forecasts are confirmed, then heavy snowfalls, amid low temperatures, are expected not only in the highlands, but also in the lowland regions of Greece. Although the risk of heavy rains and even floods remains high, according to experts from AccuWeather Inc., for Turkey, Italy, Greece and the Balkan countries.

In addition, the descent of cold gas masses in Greece is not at all excluded, which will probably delight fans of winter sports. But it will upset those who, due to high prices, planned to save on heating. In all likelihood, during the winter period of this year, rainy periods will be replaced by snowy ones, according to AccuWeather Inc.

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