The hunter was bitten by a bear, his mobile phone saved him

A hunter in Kozani was attacked by a bear, having bitten him on the thigh. The cell phone, which ended up in his pants pocket, saved the man from the worst.

The hunter in Kozani was lucky in his misfortune. When bitten, the bear stumbled upon a “solid object” – a mobile phone, and the wild animal, apparently, didn’t want to continue.

“Bears are quite common, and we are already used to their presence in the mountains. However, until now, the locals have not had any problems with these wildlife, ”Tanasis Gatas told ANT1 journalists, describing his incredible story. On a typical day, when he and his friends went hunting in the mountains, he was attacked by a bear.

“The animal, in spite of all our bustle, remained in its den,” says Mr. Gatas. “Then I made a noise, a special procedure for hunting a wild animal, in order to direct the bear to where hunters with guns were already waiting for him. him at a distance of one meter, when the bear suddenly made a throw in my direction. All I could do was to jump back so that the bear would not overwhelm me. As a result, I received a single bite on the thigh, after which the clubfoot retreated. “

“I was lucky because I had a cell phone in my pocket and it didn’t cause me serious harm,” Mr. Gatas comments on the incident. When asked if he lost his “desire to go hunting” after he was attacked by a bear, the man said: “Of course, I will go again.”

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