Testament of Mikis Theodorakis opened

The great Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis left five wills – the first in 2011 and the last in 2021, with one complementing the other.

A cultural figure of an entire era passed away on September 2, 2021 at the age of 96. Mikis Theodorakis was born on July 29, 1925 on the Greek island of Chios. He began to compose his first compositions in early childhood, not knowing how to play instruments. During World War II, Theodorakis participated in the Resistance movement. Then he was arrested by the Italian fascists and tortured. The composer continued his active work after the end of the Second World War.

After recovering from the effects of captivity during the Greek Civil War, Theodorakis returned to Athens in 1950, where he graduated from the Academy of Music with a degree in composition. He later received a state scholarship and from 1954 to 1959 he studied at the Paris Conservatory. During his years in France, he managed to compose many works.

It is Theodorakis who is the author of the composition that made him famous – an interpretation of the Sirtaki folk dance from the 1964 film “The Greek Zorba”, which, after its release, became the most recognizable Greek dance in the world and one of the symbols of Greece.


The ceremony of farewell to the great Greek was attended by political leaders, the country’s President Katerina Sakelaropoulou and several ministers, along with representatives of foreign embassies. Such artists as his muse Maria Faranturi, his old friend the Turkish composer Zulfu Livanelli and the Swedish singer Aria Sagionma came to honor the memory of the deceased.

But in Chania, a fight broke out between people wishing to say goodbye to Mikis Theodorakis and the police. The incident was recorded at the chapel at the Athens Cathedral in the evening, when the authorities tried to close the church, as planned, at 19:00. The decision angered people outside, who were queuing up to pay their respects to the late composer.

People began to chant slogans against the police and “Shame on you!”, And then rushed to the police. As a result of the scuffle, they managed to break through the chain of law enforcement officers and get to the chapel. As a result, the police decided to extend the farewell time by one hour. Throughout the day, crowds of people continued to arrive at the cathedral chapel to pay their last respects to the late composer, whose body lay there from Monday to Wednesday noon. People of all ages, holding a red rose or carnation in their hands, waited patiently in long lines to briefly touch the coffin.

Mikis Theodrorakis was buried in the village of Galatas in Chania (Crete), according to his will and against the demands of his family members.


According to MEGA, as for Nikos Kuris, who claims to be “the son of Theodorakis”, Mr. Mikis Theodorakis himself refers to him as “the self-proclaimed Theodorakis” and then thanks him for the “advertising”. At the same time, he calls on his people to allow him to continue to do this without hindrance (to distribute, to carry the composer’s works to the people).

As for real estate, the house in which Theodorakis lived opposite the Acropolis, according to his will, he should turn into a museum. He left his car for the foundation. It is noted that the opening of the will takes place in the shadow of the precautions taken by the composer’s daughter, Margarita Theodorakis, who opposes Nikos Kuris.

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