Shock: looking for a hitman on Facebook to kill his ex-wife

A member of one of the Facebook groups said in a private conversation that he wants to kill his ex-wife and is looking for this killer.

The unprecedented incident was reported on the Mega channel. According to the information, a certain man joined a Facebook group on custody of children of divorced parents, where in a conversation he revealed his plan to murder his ex-wife. It all started a few days ago, when one of the interlocutors of the 58-year-old man came to the police station and wrote a statement.

As the manager of this group told the police, in a private conversation he learned that a certain man intends to kill his ex-wife, since he had insoluble problems with her. Then a social media user asked him if he knew anyone for this purpose.

21 days later, in another conversation, he confirmed his intention to find someone who would fulfill the “death contract” for his ex-wife, stressing that he even wanted to sell the apartment in order to find the required amount for this.

“I will give from 40,000 euros (and 10,000 euros as an advance) to the one who undertakes to kill her,” he allegedly said in a conversation.

A criminal case has been opened against the man.

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