Declaration of love by Valentina Matvienko

Valentina Matvienko, Chairperson of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, takes part in the European Conference of Chairmen of Parliaments taking place in Athens. During her visit, she confessed her ardent love for Greece and special feelings for her.

In 1997-1998, Ms. Matvienko served as the Russian Ambassador to Athens and now, with excitement and joy, she again came to Greece. In an interview with the parliamentary TV channel for the Parliamentary Tribune program, she said:

“The peoples of Russia and Greece are, of course, bound by close ties of friendship, a common history, our Christian values, mutual respect and love for each other. I, of course, have special feelings for Greece. I fell in love with your country. Greece will forever remain in my heart. , and I am so happy to come here again. You know, for me it is a breath of fresh air. Greece is a very beautiful country. Wonderful amazing people, kind, open, hospitable. “

The chairman of the upper house of the Russian parliament admitted that even 23 years after her departure from Athens, she has a lot of friends in Greece with whom she keeps in touch:

“In Russia, there was a special attitude towards Greece 200 years ago, when the country began its liberation struggle. Then, after all, the Greeks played a very important role in the Russian Empire. They held high state posts. Mr. Kapodistrias (the first ruler of Greece) was even the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Both then and now in Russia there are very warm feelings for Greece. “

Valentina Matvienko also noted that the number of Russian tourists wishing to visit Greece is growing every year: “They come here in such a warm, friendly atmosphere.”

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