Anti-waxer filed a lawsuit against the hairdresser for "torture" and requires compensation in the amount of 10 thousand euros

Antivaxer filed a lawsuit against a hairdresser in Thessaloniki, claiming that the owner of the establishment “tortured” him. In his statement, the man seeks compensation in the amount of 10,000 euros, stating that the hairdresser “tortured him and refused to serve him.”

According to media reports, the man demanded that his hair be cut by an “unvaccinated hairdresser who works without a mask”, which contradicts the current rules for working in closed rooms in Greece.

Barber shop owner reported MASS MEDIA, that after he refused to comply with unreasonable demands, the client threatened to call the police.

How reportedly the hairdresser said the man entered the salon without a mask, shouting that it was “illegal, racist and contrary to the constitution,” and threatened the staff with many years in prison: “You will get 5 years, and I will add 5 more for you.”

“When he called the police, they came and took us both in a car to a police station in Toumba. We stayed with the police for almost four hours.“ I wanted us to finish, and he shouted that he would sue us, ”says the owner of the barbershop …

Two months later, the anti-Vaxer filed a lawsuit alleging that the owner of the barber shop “refused to provide his services and tried to torture him.”

Speaking to the media, this man argued, among other things, that the hairdresser is a public place, and so on, in the best traditions of the supporters of the “worldwide conspiracy.”

It is not yet known whether the judge will accept his claim and take the case to court.

Vaccination opponents have launched a wave of lawsuits against doctors, teachers and police officers when it comes to Covid-19 treatment, student self-tests, protections and fines. After one of the cases when the anti-Vaxer refused to intubate, but the doctors still intubated him, his family filed a lawsuit against the doctors. Doctors stopped taking risks and did not use intubation for a patient with coronavirus, as a result of which he died.

The other day, a woman came to the editorial office and, upon learning that the editor was vaccinated, pulled away from him, saying: “I am afraid of the vaccinated – they are contagious and aggressive.”

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