Thessaloniki: tanks, military equipment and missiles on the streets of the city – parade rehearsal

A rehearsal of the military parade to be held on October 28 was held in Thessaloniki.

The sight was impressive as the motorized units of the armed forces took to the streets of the city, which, of course, did not remain without the close attention of passers-by.

How will the celebrations take place in Thessaloniki

25 October 2021 Placing flags and lighting of all public city enterprises, OTAs, as well as ministry, municipality and bank buildings, as stated in Decision No. 73884 / 11.10.2021. Removal of the Holy Icon with the face of the patron saint of the city of Ag. Dimitrios. October 26, 2021 Service in the Holy Temple of the patron saint of the city of Ag. Dimitrios. October 27, 2021 Student parade in the presence of members of the government and other authorities. October 28, 2021 Wreath-laying ceremony A festive parade with the participation of schoolchildren, students, units of the armed forces, the Greek police, the fire brigade, etc. The program can be supplemented with other events or adapted to the program of the President of the Republic.

Coronavirus measures
It is noted that in connection with the measures taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, the festive events will be held in accordance with the current legislative health regulations.

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