"Squid game": Forbid your kids!

The South Korean survival game series has been a hit with audiences around the world for several weeks now. The series became so popular that it took first place in the list of top 10 NETFLIX projects 3 days after its release.

A few facts about the creation of the series …

1. The script of the series lay on the shelf for 11 years

The director and scriptwriter is Hwang Dong Hyok. The show was inspired by his own financial problems in his youth, as well as the unimaginable class inequality that has become the talk of the town in South Korea. It’s hard to believe, but the script has been on the shelf for 11 years. Hwang wrote back in 2008, but all these years Korean producers refused to buy and develop the project due to the fact that the script compromises the political system of South Korea. Fortunately, NETFLIX took an interest in the script in 2019 as part of its strategy to expand production of foreign language series.

2. Inspiration for bloggers

Interestingly, the creators did not make loud advertising for the series due to its very provocative plot. But he became popular thanks to the so-called word of mouth. TikTok users started filming a video based on the series, and so the whole world learned about it. Moreover, the hashtag of the English-language name of the series #squidgame has collected over 32 billion views.

3. Real phone number on mortal games business card

The business card in the series shows the phone number that the characters use to contact the organizers of the games. It turned out to be a real number, which has been used by a resident of Songju City for more than 10 years (also from the series). Now fans of the series are calling there en masse and asking to play. The subscriber received 10,000 calls a day. The authors of the project took this number by accident and at first in NETFLIX did not react to the situation in any way. However, only recently it was reported that the creators will edit the number in the picture. Interestingly, the woman was offered to buy her number for about 85 thousand dollars, but she understood what a hype is and refused to sell it.

4. Hints that no one noticed

It turns out that initially the heroes of the game had clues before each test. 456 participants slept in a single room filled with bunk beds. When the players dropped out, the extra beds were removed. Then the images on the walls became noticeable, which showed in more detail each future game. The creators of the picture hoped that the viewers of the series would see these drawings and begin to wonder how the participants in the game in the series did not think of just looking at the walls and understanding what games were waiting for them. The NETFLIX experiment ended with a simple conclusion: humans are not observant. The clues were not noticed by the audience, which means it is not surprising that the participants in the game did not notice them either. So damn subtle, damn revealing!

5. British teachers demand to ban the series for viewing in their country

Because of the show, many schools in Britain are now in chaos. According to British teachers, middle and high school students invite junior students to play one of the games presented in the series during recess, and then brutally beat the losers, film it and post it on social networks for a bunch of likes. Therefore, British teachers are demanding that this series be banned. But in our humble opinion, the series has nothing to do with it. This is far from the most violent film product in the last hundred years. The point is still in the specific children of a particular country, as it seems to us.

6. The doll from the game in the first episode now scares people in the Philippines

A doll from the first episode scares people in the Philippines. It was installed near the pedestrian crossing of one of the capital’s shopping centers. While the traffic light is green, the doll stands with its back to the passage and hums its eerie song, and when it is red, it turns to passers-by and begins to drive with red eyes. Quite ominous, but now there are definitely no ones who want to cross over to red.

7. Real extras

The show says 456 poor people were invited to participate in the game. Very often, film companies do not want to pay big money to the crowd and create people using computer graphics. However, this show is real. The film actually stars 456 people, which makes it livelier and more interesting. There is practically no computer graphics in the series at all.

8. The costumes of the guards wanted to be made different

When you start to watch and love some TV series, you no longer imagine that some detail could be completely different. For example, the look of the overseers for the players could be like this: Boy Scout suits and masks with animal faces. But then the director and costume designers decided that the audience should not understand who was hiding behind masks and clothes, and the costumes of the boy scouts would give out the gender of a person too much. So the team decided on pink jumpsuits and masks with geometric shapes.

9. The statues in the VIP room are live actors

Everyone will surely remember the VIP hall with statues covered with paint. So, these are living people. One of the Korean bloggers said that she was also offered such a role, but she refused. However, the girl shared that for three days of work with paid accommodation and meals, the film crew offered $ 4,243.

10. In the English version replaced the lion’s share of replicas 212

On the BoredPanda resource, a huge devastating material was released about how massively Koreans complained that a huge number of lines from player 212, a cheeky brave girl who took revenge on her lover on a glass bridge, killing him and herself, was deliberately distorted and changed in the English version on NETFLIX … The fact is that it is this character throughout the series that reveals the ulcers of the imperfection of the political and social system of South Korea. For example, the original line “You’re used to staring at me, right?” was replaced by “Go away!” was replaced by “I’m smart, I just had no luck.” Your humble servant watched the series in an amateur translation into Russian and completely enjoyed all 212’s lines, which really show Seoul as not the most heavenly and not the most democratic place.


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