Russian boxer in intensive care after defeating a bear

Returning from fishing in the Tyumen region, the Russian boxer was attacked by a bear and was able to kill him with a knife. His friend died from his injuries. The athlete himself is in a coma after an unequal fight with the beast.

Ilya Medvedev is a master of sports in boxing, a 23-year-old athlete is a member of the national team of the Tyumen region. A wild beast attacked three men when friends were returning from a fishing trip on the Irtysh. The bear killed the 48-year-old fisherman and then attacked the boxer. Ilya managed to stab the beast several times with a knife, which made it die. The third man took the seriously injured boxer to the infirmary by boat, Shot Telegram channel reports.

Medvedev has injured limbs and wounds on his head. Doctors assess his condition as serious, the boxer is in intensive care. However, his life, according to the coach of the athlete Dmitry Kosenko, is out of danger. After treatment, Ilya Medvedev will have a long rehabilitation.

Semyon Tatarnikov, an honorary member of the Moscow Society of Hunters and Fishermen, in an interview with reporters assessed the chances of killing a bear with a knife:

“It is very difficult. He will wave the knife … it’s hard to say here. Maybe sideways in a fight. [Нужно бить] between the shoulder blades, in the heart. This area is hit. And he could also get into the liver, the lung – these are all fatal wounds. In the lung – the bear’s mouth will bleed … Of course, he could not fill it with one blow. He is tough on a wound, a bear … With a knife, you have a chance of one in a thousand. “

Tatarnikov noted: in order to kill such a huge and powerful beast, the blade of the knife must be at least 15-20 centimeters. Otherwise, it is impossible to reach the vital organ of the animal.

Ilya Medvedev lives in Tobolsk. He had 21 fights in the amateur ring (11 wins, 10 losses). In July 2019, he took gold at the championship of the Russian Armed Forces in the up to 64 kg weight category.

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